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 1. Location, Location, and Bathing Beaches 

 There are more than 500 camping sites in Denmark and therefore ample possibilities of finding a site close to or in a beautiful countryside. Denmark and its many islands have a coastline of more than 7,000 km, so 70-80 per cent of the camping sites are located close to a coast, either at the sea or within 1 km from the sea. A bathing beach is in immediate reach of many of these sites so a dive will soon become a nice ritual to perform first thing in the morning. Several of these beaches carry the Blue Flag. Look further here

 2. Provincial Towns: Shopping, Fun, and other Exciting Stuff 
 Denmark is a small country with short distances to everything. Most camping sites are less than 15 minutes’ drive from a provincial town where you can do lots of shopping. 69 of these provincial towns are found under this link, Local Index, which also covers attractions and local sights, etc. At the camping sites or in their vicinity, you will also find shops where you can do your everyday shopping. Look further here

  3. Sanitary Facilities
 Mom decides. Here, too! Danish camping sites are in the very lead when it comes to providing their visitors with fine and clean sanitary facilities: Separate shower cabinets, family shower rooms, baby changing rooms, children’s sanitary facilities, etc. are now often found in Danish camping sites. And most sites also have washing machines and tumblers. After all, you should be able to enjoy a clean and comfortable camping holiday. Look further here:

  4. Children in the Sites = Room for Children = Children’s Holiday
 Your children are often the best reason for choosing a camping holiday, if you also want to relax and maybe indulge in some adult time. For many years, camping sites in Denmark have focused on children, so most of them have facilities such as play centres, moon cars, jumping pillows, children’s pools, etc. And when you find sites with children’s facilities and activities, your children will quickly find many play mates – and you can relax and enjoy some adult time! Look further here

  5. Accommodation Facilities: Camping Cabins and Caravans, etc.
 If you do not bring your own equipment for accommodation, the Danish camping sites provide a great variety of accommodation facilities, ranging from camping cabins and caravans to apartments, rooms, and many sorts of tents. There are more than 4,000 cabins in the Danish camping sites, so you can choose from a great variety of cabins, ranging from small 10-12 m2 cabins for short-term stays to large and well-equipped luxury cabins of up to 35 m2 – actually a bit like small holiday homes. Or you can rent a caravan, if you contemplate buying one – this is the best way to gain experience and see if you like it. Many camping sites also rent out TV’s, barbecues, bicycles, and other things. Look further here:

  6. Water Worlds/Water Parks in Danish Camping Sites 
 Denmark is one big water world with facilities in and outside the sites to satisfy the needs of most visitors. In the sites you will find children’s pools, heated swimming pools, indoor and outdoor water worlds with water slides, etc. And outside many of the camping sites, you will find bathing jetties, landing stages, and boat slips, as well as fine conditions for wind and kite surfers. So if you are into “water”, Denmark is a very safe choice! Look further here

  7. Activities in/outside Camping Sites: Ball Games
 At the Danish camping sites, your children can take part in many of their preferred activities, such as ball games, diving in swimming pools, playing in play centres, etc. – actually a bit like in after-school centres. And the best about it is that you live there! Ball games tend to unite old and young in games and plays, which is one of the things that make a camping holiday different from everyday life. Beach volley, playing fields or mini-golf are activities that unite people across language barriers and cultures. Look further here

There are many other adults to talk to and get inspiration from, which is something you may be without in your everyday life. You can also choose to do “nothing”, lie down on a deck chair and read a good book while listening to the sounds of nature and feeling scents you do not usually encounter. Or you can experience a welcome peace of mind while looking out on the sea or the fields nearby. Outside the sites you will find lots of activities, including attractions and local sights, appealing to all members of your family across interests. Search in 69 local indexes.

  8. Internet, Hook-ups, and other Technical Stuff 
 Danish camping sites are constantly improving the technical facilities in their pitches, upgrading standard pitches and changing some of them to comfort pitches or luxury pitches. Many camping sites also offer special pitches for motorhomes. Bicycle repair shops are a recent thing, and more than half of the 500 camping sites in Denmark offer wireless hotspots, either for free or for a modest connection fee. So there are lots of connection possibilities, with a “Plug and Play”-like approach. Finally, the sites also have facilities for short-term or long-term storage. Look further here

  9. Quality and Communication in Danish Camping Sites 

 In comparison with the rest of Europe, Denmark is at the very top when speaking of site quality. 2/3 of the Danish camping sites carry 3 stars or more. And the quality relates to variety of facilities and activities as well as to general cleaning standards and service levels.

 Various control schemes are used for regularly evaluating Danish camping site managers’ performance in relation to the quality of facilities and activities. This makes it easy to camp in Denmark. You can relax and enjoy your stay, which is, after all, what you should be doing when on holiday.
Denmark is a small country used to adapting to its neighbours and surroundings, which means that in many sites, people speak or understand your language. Look further here

  10. Camping prices in Denmark
 Prices depend on quality, and in Denmark, you will find sites at both ends of the scale. Sites carrying 0 or few stars usually charge low prices while those carrying 4 or 5 stars are at the more expensive end of the scale. An average level is 60-70 DKK per adult and half that price per child during the busy season. Costs such as pitch or environmental fees, if any, are not always included in the accommodation prices and should be allowed for. The prices for renting camping cabins likewise differ, depending on size and equipment, but as a rule, a 4-person cabin costs from 3,000 DKK and upwards during the busy season. To avoid undesirable surprises, check the camping site home pages, or ask the site managers! You can pay with various debit or credit cards in Danish camping sites. Look further here